HitTrax After-School

The HitTrax™, the world’s first and only baseball simulator, transforms The Baseball Center into any Big League Ballpark, and offers a unique combination of entertainment and analytics never before available to indoor baseball facilities. UNTIL NOW!

Featuring Simulated Six-Inning Games, Home Run Derbies, Batting Average Competitions, Line Drive Contests, Weekly Leaderboards and End of Season Awards, there has never been a baseball program quite like this before.

Our HitTrax™ After-School Program combines the fun of friendly competition with in-cage instruction, focusing on identifying strengths, weaknesses, and analyzing performance trends over any period of time.

FALL 2017: SEPTEMBER 6, 2017 – JANUARY 29, 2018 (skipping Wed 11/22 - Fri 11/24; Mon 12/25 – Fri 12/29)

SPRING 2018: JANUARY 30, 2018 – JUNE 18, 2018 (SKIPPING MON 5/28 MEMORIAL DAY) (Monday After-School Classes will include June 25th to complete their 20-week semester.)
Children participating @ The Baseball Center will always be grouped in age appropriate classes and/or groups. (4-5yrs. | 5-6yrs. | 6-7yrs. | 7-8yrs. | 8-9yrs. | 10+ yrs. old)
A ballplayer whose possesses an above average skill level (determined solely by The Baseball Center management team) may have the opportunity to be entered into an older age group.