Development and Recreation

For the last 23 Years, The Baseball Center NYC has introduced and guided players through a Multi-Tiered Training Program.

We use a framework that builds upon itself as the player grows, their skill-set improves, and gameplay becomes more competitive.

Whether the player is being introduced to the sport, learning the fundamentals, developing their game or honing specific mechanics, the overarching goal of The Baseball Center NYC’s Long Term Development Program is to create and foster a lifelong relationship and love with the game of baseball.

Little Leaguers should be taking at least one private lesson a week during their season and continue that training during the winter if they aspire to increase their skill-sets or play skill positions such as pitcher and catcher.

For those looking to get some swing in, The Baseball Center NYC boasts a wide variety of baseball and softball pitching machines customized to meet the needs of every age and skill level as well as for recreational purposes.

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Assessment, Programming and Performance

Playing competitive baseball in New York City is different than anywhere else in the Tri-State area.

The Baseball Center NYC has a solid track record of training and assisting student athletes on their journey from little league to travel ball to high school and on to some of the most respected colleges in the United States. Former TBCNYC players have found themselves playing ball at Yale, Brown, Columbia, University of Chicago and Vanderbilt University.

Time is valuable and how players spend it should be efficient and productive.

When metrics / data first started being introduced for baseball training the common question was “So What?, how is this going to help me as a baseball player?” As the tech continued to develop and the benefits became evident, the question changed to “Now What?”, meaning how does an athlete use the data to continue their long-term development.

TBCNYC has revamped its facility into an assessment, programming and performance center with our main goal being:


The Baseball Center NYC is now equipped with the most state-of-the-art technology in order to garner baseline assessments and track progress for performance in baseball and softball players. The combination of the assessments, drills and programs enables TBCNYC to deliver plans of action directly related to on field success.

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